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FERPA Online Training


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Welcome to FERPA: the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.

This online training session is designed to provide you with information regarding the law and how it affects you as a member of the University’s workforce.
Contained in this material are example scenarios of different situations that may occur when addressing requests for student information.

A printed version of the materials, supporting documents, and links to website resources are provided as well.

Privacy and confidentiality of personal and educational information is not a new concept in the academic setting. The FERPA Act of 1974 provides specific guidelines for protecting the information in student education records.

Today, we want to examine what we currently do in the workplace to ensure information confidentiality and privacy, and highlight where FERPA strengthens our current University practices. We want to equip you with enough tools to protect the University and yourself against the liability of improper use or disclosure of protected student information to another party.

After completing this online training, if you encounter a situation where you are uncertain on how to respond to a request for protected student information - please ask your supervisor for assistance or refer to the list of University contacts available to aid in making the right decision in reference to FERPA.

Springfield (417) 836-5520
Mountain Grove (417) 836-5520
West Plains (417) 255-7980